Booking flights and planning trips!

Travel blog in Japan

Tokyo, Japan

Hello travelers!

Today I have exciting news for you! I have finally booked my next trip after spending too many months (but not according to my friends and family) at home. So where am I going next?

Germany! And to be exact Berlin.

I have been to Berlin before once. It was about three years ago I think. However, there’s a catch. You can’t really count my first trip to Berlin as a real visit because I didn’t go to see any attractions nor did I walk around just to experience the place. Maybe I will someday tell you this travel story from my past in my main travel blog. But for now, let’s just say that I spend in Berlin one night and that night I slept at the airport. During that one day, I was waiting in line for a concert that I later attended to.

That’s it. All I saw was that one building where the concert was held. Kind of sad…

Despite my last visit to Berlin I have always wanted to do a proper trip to the capital of Germany. German was the first language I started to learn in school after Finnish and we had to learn a lot about the culture of Germany. Berlin always seemed like a place where the history of us Europeans but also our future mix together. 

After a few weeks, I will be on my way to explore Berlin solo for five days. How cool is that? Dreams really come true!

With love & wanderlust,
Lost Viivi

Blogging isn’t easy but who cares!

Brighton's colorful buildings

Brighton, UK

Hey, all travelers out there!

How are you doing today? I’m again here writing this postcard and updating you about my life. It’s like 2pm and I’m still wearing my nightwear. Someone could say that this is a slow morning or a bad start for the day. For me, on the other hand, today has been very productive. Day by day I keep updating my blog. Little things, small steps, everything I want to change and add there. It feels good.

However, it’s not surprising because I’m literally in the same situation as I was in when first starting my travel blog. A few months ago I returned from my long trip to Japan. I haven’t been traveling and so my soul yearns something more. It’s hard to stay at home doing nothing. Or well-doing everything except traveling!

When I first started writing Go Travel Global I had just returned from my first ever solo trip for three months in Japan. My life was going downhill. Writing about traveling made me feel alive. Then people started reading my not so professional blog and for the first time in my life I kind of found out that maybe my dreams of being a writer weren’t as impossible as the world made me believe.

And then I stopped blogging.

I love blogging but it’s not easy. When you write every week and want to make something out of blogging it consumes you. There’s nothing else you can think of. Every trip, every new memory, everything is a possible idea for a new blog post. And so I stopped because I love life. There was no time for anything else when I was blogging.

And now I have returned.

It took me a long time to realize that blogging doesn’t have to be serious. I can do whatever I want and that’s it! Now I have returned with a new mindset. This blogging doesn’t have to go anywhere. Of course, it would be nice to be “professional blogger” but I’m still living the life of student and freelancer writer right now so it doesn’t matter. Maybe something more will come out of this or maybe blogging will forever be just a hobby I passionately love!

Sorry for ranting once again but hey I stopped caring what people think or want. Like the name of this blog says – I’m just an idiot who writes postcards for no one on the internet…

With love,
Lost Viivi

Still struggling but HOPE!


Tokyo, Japan

Hello travelers!

It must be a miracle because I haven’t given up blogging yet again… In fact, I’m starting to enjoy the process like I used to when starting this journey of writing for no one on the internet. But it’s easy to write these short “postcards” because I can ramble about anything. It’s also easy to edit my old blog posts because I don’t really have to think of anything.

Writing a new travel-themed post for my main travel blog, that’s the real struggle. There are so many subjects I would love to write about but why can’t I get anything written down. Maybe I have too high hopes for myself and so am too scared to even try. Do you ever feel like that?

Despite blogging seeming impossible I see light at the end of the tunnel. I have been posting Instagrams for a few days in the row now, my Pinterest is full of new pins, and I have been learning more about monetizing blogs. Small steps. That’s all I need to feel hope. And hope can change the world, right?

With love and hope,
Lost Viivi

Maybe I’m a blogger again?

Montpellier, France

Hello again!

See how well I’m doing with blogging right now? Third time within a week! I have been feeling so good about blogging like I could really do this again. Not think and just post content I want to write.

In addition to these short postcard rants, I have also started to update my old posts in GoTravelGlobal. In fact, the photo above is from my 13 Free Things To Do In Montpellier, France post I just updated. It’s like two years old and so my English wasn’t yet even on this level. Also, my grasp of SEO, keywords, etc. was nonexistent. Maybe now I will get new readers through my posts! 🙂

That’s all today. Please check out my Montpellier posts if you’re interested in a city not so popular amongst people who travel to Europe even if the south coast of France should be on everyone’s bucket lists…

With love,
Lost Viivi

Light after darkness

Dark night in Tokyo

Lantern Festival, Tokyo, Japan

Hello again!

It feels like I have woken up from long dark sleep. I have been at home for a few months now but got sick right away after returning home from my two months trip in Japan. For this whole time, I have been sleeping – walking in this endless mist. Today I finally started going through my Japan photos. I’m getting better.

The photo above was taken in Tokyo during lantern festival. It describes my feelings right now perfectly. Seeing light – fire and city – somewhere between all this darkness. taking small steps forward everything seems to fall into its place. My blogging motivation has returned, work seems to flow too easily, and everything just seems so right. My path is leading towards the right direction.

Do you ever feel like this? You have been in a wrong situation forever and then out of nowhere everything just clicks. I’m trying my best right now, let’s hope it’s enough!

With love,
Lost Viivi

Restless Soul


Helsinki, Finland

Hello there!

How is your life going? Anything exciting happening for you? I feel like I’m stuck in the boring normal. (Even if my life is far from boring or normal…) I have been at home for a month and even during this month I have done a weekend cruise with family. In three weeks I will go for a road trip around Germany and right after that two months trip to Japan. So boring, right?

But it has nothing to do with my travels or me finally going towards my dreams. I don’t do good with routine and that’s what my life is right now. I woke up at morning, do the job I love, blog for hours, drink too many cups of tea, read books and watch movies. It sounds like a dream life even when I read it but still, something is missing. Something just doesn’t work out. My feet are restless and heart missing new unknown lands.

It’s hard to read my own mind and I just need to leave somewhere, do something I have never done before…

With love,
Viivi Severina

Returning to the start…

Kinkakuji - Golden Pavilion in Kyoto

Golden Pavilion, Kyoto, Japan

For me, it all started from Kyoto and Japan.

I believe that every one of us will have that one moment (or multiple moments in cases like mine) in their life when they realize that the path they’re currently on isn’t the right one. Maybe it’s the choice of going to school or the job you’re stuck in. One moment and everything will change, you realize that there’s something different for you to pursue.

My life-changing moment happened almost two years ago after taking a year off school and traveling to Japan for three months. There was no returning to my normal life after getting a taste of the traveling lifestyle. Believe me, I have tried my best…

Have you experienced a life-changing moment like this? Something that made you realize that there was no way back to the old you? All comments are always welcome!

Read my travel diary from Golden Pavilion in Kyoto

With love,
Lost Viivi

Beach before summer


Turku, Finland

What’s your favorite time to go for a beach? Most people will answer right away, summer. In my opinion, this needs deeper thinking than just giving the first answer coming to my mind.

Summer on the beach is of course amazing! Going to swimming, hot sand and sunbathing for hours. Relaxation is the keyword when we talk about summer beaches. That’s nice for a few days but not my favorite time to go to the beach.

Winter, on the other hand, has its own charm. You can’t see the sand or water (I’m now talking about Finnish winters with too much snow everywhere). This means walking on the ice/lake’s surface is possible and so you can just go from one beach to another without thinking the water under you. Winter also means skiing and skating on the ice!

Both of those seasons are nice and all but my favorites are autumn and spring. Today’s postcard photo was taken a year ago in Turku. Spring had just begun.

The raw nature, quietness and tragic atmosphere of beach in autumn or spring make me feel poetic. Stormy sky. Dark wet sand under my sneakers. Only deadly cold water making sounds when hitting the beach. Perfect. I find these moments perfect and so my answer to the question is spring or autumn.

With love,

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Beach weak continues!


Rovaniemi, Finland

The second day of beach week!
And even then my photo isn’t of a traditional sand beach. This is how most beaches in Finland look like. Forest all around clear blue water (or in most cases dark dirty water). I took this photo while in university exams in Finnish Lapland. It’s so funny to think that just a few years ago I was ready to start studying and giving my life for a school. Right now my days are full of writing and doing whatever I WANT.

Despite the life change, Rovaniemi keeps calling me back. The city is lovely but small like most Finnish cities. The nature of Lapland just seems so beautiful. I have once visited there during autumn colors but it was years ago. Maybe I will return next year, year after that or someday in the far away future.

Have you ever visited Lapland?

With love,
Lost Viivi

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