Traveler at “Normal work”

Tallipiha in Tampere

Tallipiha, Tampere, Finland

Hello travelers!

Today I’m writing to you from work! Yes, from real work. Even travelers work sometimes and in fact, it’s a nice change when compared to my normally hectic life of almost full-time traveling. However, it only takes like two hours before I’m ready to say that thanks but no… I could never get a full-time job where I can’t decide my own work hours. How people work 5 days a week for so many hours per day?

I just don’t get it.

Call me lazy if you want. I don’t even care… ūüėÄ

With love,
Lost Viivi 

Addicted to writing guides

writing guides

Hello there!

If you are reading my other blogs, you may already know that I’m a huge writing guide addict. In fact, I have over 20 writing guides on my bookshelf and that’s a lot when you take in count that I bought the first guide roughly six months ago. These two books I bought from my recent¬†Helsinki trip. The bookstore in there is a lot bigger when compared to my hometown so I could not pass the opportunity to get these books. Okay!? I don’t have a problem! I will someday read all these books. I promise…

So, am I the only one or has anyone else addiction of buying books? Or maybe buying something else “you totally need to have to make your life better”?

With love,
The Writer Viivi

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Tallipiha, Tampere, Finland

Photo of my work day. Don’t even try to claim that you have more pretty work place than i do!

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Summer job and Church


This summertime photo is from my first real job as church guide. I spent two summers almost alone hanging around this church in Finnish countryside. I had almost no one visiting but when someone came I told them about the history of this church. I had fun meeting many foreigner travellers and local people.

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