Storybook streets


Bremen, Germany

This street looks like page from storybook. I don’t have anything else to say. That’s it. Storybook.
Bremen looks nice, right?

With love,

Lost Viivi


I didn’t love Rome


Rome, Italy

There is ruins in Rome literally everywhere. At first it is amazing. The city is like one big museum with things to discover on every corner of the narrow streets. But after being in Rome for two or three days all of this may be too much. You can never have enough time to see everything and because there is history everywhere it just blends in to one big mess and you stop caring too much. Colosseum nice, Vatican super nice, some random historical building nice, just nice nothing else.

And that’s why I didn’t like Rome. It was nice experience but during my visit I didn’t see the soul of this city. I felt like it was one big theater kept up for the tourists visiting there.

With love,

Viivi Not In Love With Rome

Finland – Sweden Cruise

Travel Mariehamn Finland

Mariehamn, Finland

So… I decided to wake this blog up from death! There has been a few new readers (hello everyone) lately and I started to think that maybe you guys liked this trying to publish photo everyday idea? Well, here I am again whatever you wanted or not! Let’s start with this photo from Mariehamn’s harbor.

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New Things


Luvre, Paris, France

So, today I changed the layout of this blog. I don’t know if it is any better than the one before. However this one is easier for me to manage (read easier to share my instagram photos that will save my time…) So what do you think?

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