How long is too long at home?


Tokyo, Japan

Hello fellow travelers!

It’s just me writing a random postcard for you once again (with a cute photo of a cafe in Tokyo). My life has been painfully boring lately… Maybe it’s because I’m used to traveling all the time and now I have spent the last 3 months at home in Finland. What has my life become when a few months at home are literally killing me?

Sometimes I curse myself for starting this travel lifestyle.

I can’t stop looking for flight deals and so tonight I will probably give in for the want to be free again. Barcelona, Gdansk, Berlin, Budapest, Tallinn… Those are just some of the cities that are taking over my mind currently. The flights are just so cheap so I can’t help myself! Where should I go? What kind of holiday should I plan this time?

With love & wanderlust,
Lost Viivi

First time glacier trip

Iceland glacier travel

Glacier hike, Iceland

Hello adventurers!

Have you ever been to Iceland? This cold and snowy wonderland truly charmed me when I traveled there with my friend last autumn. I live in Finland so snow, ice and cold, in general, are familiar to me and so I was thinking that the trip to this northern country wouldn’t be anything new for me. Iceland trip has been my dream for years but it still always felt like just a smaller version of Finland.

Oh, how wrong I was…

We took part to tour around the south coast of Iceland and our trip ended to glacier hike. I have never seen a glacier and it was magical. The history and nature around it sound so interesting even if most of those things I could still remember from my primary school times. We don’t have glaciers in Finland but we have remains of them everywhere. I have lived my whole life only a few kilometers from one of them and so seeing the real glacier for the first time was an eye-opening experience.

With love,
Wide Eyed Viivi

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Blue sky and missing Paris


Paris, France

It’s so odd how quickly time flies. The photo above is from my family’s Paris trip. It was before I even started travel blogging or truly become a traveler. At that time, every trip I made felt so unique and like a dream. I only left Finland about once a year. Everything has changed so quickly. It has been a few years but my life is so different. This year I have traveled to 10 different countries. I have done trip almost every month of the year. Am I just dreaming? Can this even be a real life?

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Museum Stickers

Travel Blog Helsinki


Have you ever left your museum pass sticker to wall full of stickers? I have so many times that I can’t even count them. Not that much anymore but seeing these sticker walls reminds me of my childhood. We used to do family trips to museums and usually (at least in Finland) they “mark” you with this sticker after you have paid the admission. And then after people leave this museum they stick the sticker to somewhere near by.

These sticker walls have always enchanted me. Every sticker signifies different person who has visited the museum. Did they like it? Where they just dragged there by friend? Maybe they are regular visitor or someone from far far away. I have always loved museums and especially the fact that those artworks, historic things or whatever the museums exhibits will all these people who will never meet each others share this experience without them even realizing.  Happiness, sadness, pure excitement of learning new things or even getting bored to death. It just feels magical to me.

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Memories of Fangirl

Senate Square Helsinki Finland


My favorite tourist attraction in Helsinki is definitely Senate Square. I just have so many good memories from here. Being young and reckless. Taking part to flash mob. Traveling around Finland for the first time without my family. Meeting cool friends for the first time. Living life to the fullest…

.        .        .

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Blue Sky, Blue Sea

blue sea and sky from cruise ship

Finland – Sweden Cruise

Small boat floating towards the huge one. Birds flying around surging towards water every now and then to catch fish. Blue sky and even more blue sea. What would be better moment to enjoy on cruise ship?

.        .        .

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