Long time no see travelers!

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All inclusive holiday in Alanya, Turkey

Hello! What have you been up to?

I haven’t blogged for too long time. In this blog, it has been almost 5 months and even in my main travel blog it has been weeks. I’m someone who won’t do things if she doesn’t feel like it which was the case with blogging. But feelings change. Out of nowhere I once again found my inspiration: This is what I’m meant to do! Blogging has always been my thing and so I would like to continue doing it. Maybe someday it can be more than just a hobby?

The biggest reason why I have had so many problems from the start (or well at least from the point I had been blogging for almost a year and out of nowhere had over thousand readers) was because of the fear of embarrassing myself. When you write just for yourself and a few people, there’s nothing to lose. After your friends, family, and thousands of stranger read what you have to say it starts to get scary.

Can I this time really continue blogging without giving up? I have no answer for the questions but for the first time I promise to give my all for it! I won’t promise daily posts but I will be trying my best.

With a new attitude,
Lost Viivi