Realistic Vatican


If anyone is interested, I published today travel guide to Rome in my travel blog. If not, here is photo for you from Vatican! You could call this the realistic moment in the small country. There is a lot of people everywhere in the Vatican museum.

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Touristy Paris


Hop-On-Hop-Off Tour, Paris, France

This photo is from the time before my new camera. In fact I used to take all my photos with phone. I don’t know how that worked out but no one has been complaining too much about the quality of my blog’s photos… Even if it’s old photo I wanted to share it. Why? I have no idea. I just find Paris so beautiful even if there is too much tourists everywhere.

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Viivi From Past


Tourists in Vatican

Tourists in Vatican

Touristy Lounge, Vatican

This is photo from our first minutes in Vatican during our Rome trip. I knew that there was going to be tourists but never did I thought that there would be so many of us. Fortunately we had booked our tickets back at home so there was about 5 minutes of standing in line for us. I have no idea who can just wait in the heat for hours before getting in? I wouldn’t even if that may make me bad traveler…

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Lost Viivi