Beach before summer


Turku, Finland

What’s your favorite time to go for a beach? Most people will answer right away, summer. In my opinion, this needs deeper thinking than just giving the first answer coming to my mind.

Summer on the beach is of course amazing! Going to swimming, hot sand and sunbathing for hours. Relaxation is the keyword when we talk about summer beaches. That’s nice for a few days but not my favorite time to go to the beach.

Winter, on the other hand, has its own charm. You can’t see the sand or water (I’m now talking about Finnish winters with too much snow everywhere). This means walking on the ice/lake’s surface is possible and so you can just go from one beach to another without thinking the water under you. Winter also means skiing and skating on the ice!

Both of those seasons are nice and all but my favorites are autumn and spring. Today’s postcard photo was taken a year ago in Turku. Spring had just begun.

The raw nature, quietness and tragic atmosphere of beach in autumn or spring make me feel poetic. Stormy sky. Dark wet sand under my sneakers. Only deadly cold water making sounds when hitting the beach. Perfect. I find these moments perfect and so my answer to the question is spring or autumn.

With love,

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