The hidden side of Rome

Street art Rome

Rome, Italy


Do you like the photo? Surprised it’s from Rome? I totally was when seeing it.

It was my last day in Rome and I went for a private walking tour. At this point, Rome hadn’t yet charmed me. I could see why people love it as a travel destination: all the historic sites, Vatican and perfect weather. But for me, it was just okay. The historic sites were cool but there was too many of them to see everything. Vatican I loved but again too many things to see and the amount of visitors is overwhelming. Lastly, we were dying because it was so hot.

I had been trying to find Rome from all the wrong places. Surprisingly, I always forget my own tips. Find the local areas and take the hidden roads. Right next to the most popular historic sites my local guide showed me a lively neighborhood with colorful houses, murals and street art. I fell in love with this side of Rome. It was different and it was something I would like to go back for!

Have you ever experienced anything like this while traveling? Or did you have similar feelings if you have ever been in Rome?

With love,
Lost Viivi

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Moving street art in Rome

Colorful metro in Rome

Rome, Italy

Hello travelers!

Are you as crazy about street art as I am? Then you can understand how these subways in Italy took me to the seventh heaven. It just looked so cool even if my mum didn’t understand the attachment I had for these fastly moving colors.

It’s extremely embarrassing to take photos or videos on metro if you ask my opinion. Whatever in London, Italy or New York, I just hate it. People are staring me thinking I’m some wannabe vlogger (well, they are not far from the truth…) and it makes me look even more tourist than I would look anyway. And still, I have to do it every time! I’m not kidding. My photo album has at least dozen subway photos from every city I have visited that has subway or train. This Italy photo is just beginning!

With love,
Metro Traveler Viivi

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Some People Only See The Mess

Street art Rome Italy

Rome, Italy

Some people only see vandalism when they look at street art. It’s a big mess that makes our streets look cheap and poorly managed. Sometimes graffiti isn’t beautiful. It may be small meaningless text made without any thinking. Or maybe the “vandal” has written it to fit in. But then there is street art that will make our cities shine. Colors, meaning, and real art. I won’t encourage anyone to paint in prohibited places but let’s just say that in my opinion cities without any graffiti art are just boring.

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Street Art in Brighton

Travel Photography Blog


One thing that made me fall in love with Brighton was the pretty streets of the city. Look at all this art! It was like walking in fairy tale. Or okay maybe more like in book for young adults. A little threatening but so charming.

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Dots, dots, dots…

Yayoi Kusama Helsinki dots

Dots, dots, dots! Street art in Helsinki. So we were walking in Helsinki with my friend and just happened to walk past this park full of dots. Apparently it has something to do with the Yayoi Kusama exhibition I visited earlier this year in Sweden.

It was funny how small group of tourists were taking photos and being amazed. Surprisingly I have seen a lot of this kind of art around Finland. We may not be perfect with our graffiti (do you want to see photos of terrible graffiti we have here in my charming home country?) but we know how to do imaginative street art.

.      .      .

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