Waiting for summer and cottage life

Taking photos on lake

Cottage in the middle of nowhere

Hello travelers!

Are you always ready to adventure around the world or do you need “holiday” from your exciting life like me? This photo was taken right next to our cottage. Perfect place to relax between the crazy traveler and blogger life. Just nature, animals and quietness around you. What else would wild adventurer ask from her holiday?

Cottage life is super normal in Finland. I think that like half of families living in Finland own their own cottage or visit someone else’s cottage every year. We just love our homes away from home. I can’t remember any summer from my childhood when we wouldn’t have spent at least a week on our cottage. Swimming, eating barbecue food, and playing board games. Those are the happiest memories I have.

With love,
Lost Viivi

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Waterfall photos and travel blogging

Waterfall from Iceland travel

That one waterfall in Southern Iceland

Hello, how is adventuring going?

This photo was taken last year during my Iceland trip. We went on tour around the south coast of Iceland and saw so many waterfalls that I can’t even name this one. It was one of my best travel experiences yet. My dream has been to visit this beautiful rural northern island since we spoke about it in middle school. The photos of endless nature and breath-taking views just seemed like a dream.

All my expectation were met and even exceeded. There is no place like Iceland. You wouldn’t understand if you haven’t been there. At first, I was a little bit disappointed that my trip wasn’t during the winter but later on I come to the conclusion that this season just between autumn and winter was perfect. The green summer time was gone, there were no more autumn colors but still, we could see everything because there was no snow. Perfect timing. I may have written a dozen poems during my visit to Iceland…

Have you ever visited Iceland or walked under a waterfall? All answers to this postcard are more than welcome!

With love,

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Bamboo Forest, Arashiyama, Kyoto, Japan

I don’t know why I haven’t shared this photo before but here is one more lovely memory from Japan. (Don’t mind that couple taking photo…) Taking photo without photobombing people in Kyoto’s Bamboo Forest is literally impossible. I visited just before sunset so my photo doesn’t have that many people but it is also a little dark. Nothing can truly show the beauty this place holds inside.

Have you ever been to Bamboo Forest? If not remember to check it out if you are on your way to Kyoto!

With love,

Lost Viivi

I didn’t love Rome


Rome, Italy

There is ruins in Rome literally everywhere. At first it is amazing. The city is like one big museum with things to discover on every corner of the narrow streets. But after being in Rome for two or three days all of this may be too much. You can never have enough time to see everything and because there is history everywhere it just blends in to one big mess and you stop caring too much. Colosseum nice, Vatican super nice, some random historical building nice, just nice nothing else.

And that’s why I didn’t like Rome. It was nice experience but during my visit I didn’t see the soul of this city. I felt like it was one big theater kept up for the tourists visiting there.

With love,

Viivi Not In Love With Rome

Writer’s Day Off



Hello everyone after a long time! I’m probably the worst blogger ever because I try to write three blogs and never find time for any of them. But to publish something here… this photo is taken during my day off. If you have been reading my other blogs (GoTravelBlog and LostViivi), you may know that I will start studying creative writing this autumn in university. To get ready for my future studies I have decided to write stories everyday for two hours. Sounds impossible, right?

New Perspective to Travel

travel photos Brighton

I thought this photo was quite cool so I wanted to share it. I took it in my recent Brighton trip because I have been trying to test some new perspectives while taking photos. Also, this summer I will try to learn how to edit photos using something else than my phone’s apps… Luckily I will have a lot of time in work! Just have to find some free internet courses that will be easy enough for me.

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Magical Rainbow of London

London Hyde Park


Last autumn during my London trip I encountered this rainbow in Hyde Park. I am not that good at photography but I am quite satisfied with this shot. You can see the rainbow in it so I count it as a win! Someone would say that my pretty scenery photo has too many people in it but I like more taking these “real” photos where you can see all the people, tourists, bad sides of things and everything someone else might leave out of the photo. That’s not a bad thing right?

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Blue Sky, Blue Sea

blue sea and sky from cruise ship

Finland – Sweden Cruise

Small boat floating towards the huge one. Birds flying around surging towards water every now and then to catch fish. Blue sky and even more blue sea. What would be better moment to enjoy on cruise ship?

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Happy New Year!


Tallinn Old Town Bird Summer Estonia

Old Town, Tallinn, Estonia

I don’t know why I am starting this year with photo of black bird but HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope we all will have year full of adventures and travels.

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