Restless Soul


Helsinki, Finland

Hello there!

How is your life going? Anything exciting happening for you? I feel like I’m stuck in the boring normal. (Even if my life is far from boring or normal…) I have been at home for a month and even during this month I have done a weekend cruise with family. In three weeks I will go for a road trip around Germany and right after that two months trip to Japan. So boring, right?

But it has nothing to do with my travels or me finally going towards my dreams. I don’t do good with routine and that’s what my life is right now. I woke up at morning, do the job I love, blog for hours, drink too many cups of tea, read books and watch movies. It sounds like a dream life even when I read it but still, something is missing. Something just doesn’t work out. My feet are restless and heart missing new unknown lands.

It’s hard to read my own mind and I just need to leave somewhere, do something I have never done before…

With love,
Viivi Severina

Beach before summer


Turku, Finland

What’s your favorite time to go for a beach? Most people will answer right away, summer. In my opinion, this needs deeper thinking than just giving the first answer coming to my mind.

Summer on the beach is of course amazing! Going to swimming, hot sand and sunbathing for hours. Relaxation is the keyword when we talk about summer beaches. That’s nice for a few days but not my favorite time to go to the beach.

Winter, on the other hand, has its own charm. You can’t see the sand or water (I’m now talking about Finnish winters with too much snow everywhere). This means walking on the ice/lake’s surface is possible and so you can just go from one beach to another without thinking the water under you. Winter also means skiing and skating on the ice!

Both of those seasons are nice and all but my favorites are autumn and spring. Today’s postcard photo was taken a year ago in Turku. Spring had just begun.

The raw nature, quietness and tragic atmosphere of beach in autumn or spring make me feel poetic. Stormy sky. Dark wet sand under my sneakers. Only deadly cold water making sounds when hitting the beach. Perfect. I find these moments perfect and so my answer to the question is spring or autumn.

With love,

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Colosseum and blue sky

Rome travel photo colosseum

Colosseum, Rome, Italy

Hi there!
How are you?

Did you recognize Colosseum from the photo above? We often only see it from outside and so it was surprising to visit it in Rome. I didn’t know what I was expecting to see but not this. Not only a few people, tourist fences everywhere and worn out rocks that seem to be disappearing in front of our eyes. It’s kind of sad nothing will last forever.

With love,
Sentimental Viivi

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The hidden side of Rome

Street art Rome

Rome, Italy


Do you like the photo? Surprised it’s from Rome? I totally was when seeing it.

It was my last day in Rome and I went for a private walking tour. At this point, Rome hadn’t yet charmed me. I could see why people love it as a travel destination: all the historic sites, Vatican and perfect weather. But for me, it was just okay. The historic sites were cool but there was too many of them to see everything. Vatican I loved but again too many things to see and the amount of visitors is overwhelming. Lastly, we were dying because it was so hot.

I had been trying to find Rome from all the wrong places. Surprisingly, I always forget my own tips. Find the local areas and take the hidden roads. Right next to the most popular historic sites my local guide showed me a lively neighborhood with colorful houses, murals and street art. I fell in love with this side of Rome. It was different and it was something I would like to go back for!

Have you ever experienced anything like this while traveling? Or did you have similar feelings if you have ever been in Rome?

With love,
Lost Viivi

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Some People Only See The Mess

Street art Rome Italy

Rome, Italy

Some people only see vandalism when they look at street art. It’s a big mess that makes our streets look cheap and poorly managed. Sometimes graffiti isn’t beautiful. It may be small meaningless text made without any thinking. Or maybe the “vandal” has written it to fit in. But then there is street art that will make our cities shine. Colors, meaning, and real art. I won’t encourage anyone to paint in prohibited places but let’s just say that in my opinion cities without any graffiti art are just boring.

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Finding Summer from Bremen


Bremen, Germany

After you try to enjoy the Finnish spring knowing that there may never be warm summer visiting city full of green leaves and over 20 degrees warmth is like finding paradise. My visit to Bremen was full of sunshine and walking around with only t-shirt. There is no feeling like enjoying summer after too long and cold winter! If you don believe me, life a few years in Finland.

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With love,

Winter Hating Viivi

Girl with Red Sneakers


Kalajoki, Finland

If you see me wearing any other shoes than sneakers it will be miracle. Red is definitely my favorite color when we talk about shoes. Girl with red sneakers. It sounds like my life is full of adventures, passion and seeking the life I want. Red sneakers. I associate them with freedom, traveling, watching sunset totally alone but not scared and of course running away from your worries. I know it’s kind of silly but for me red sneakers are the source of power and motivation.

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With love,

Viivi with Red Sneakers

Tourists in Vatican

Tourists in Vatican

Touristy Lounge, Vatican

This is photo from our first minutes in Vatican during our Rome trip. I knew that there was going to be tourists but never did I thought that there would be so many of us. Fortunately we had booked our tickets back at home so there was about 5 minutes of standing in line for us. I have no idea who can just wait in the heat for hours before getting in? I wouldn’t even if that may make me bad traveler…

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With love

Lost Viivi