Lost in Bremen

Travel Photos: Bremen


I did trip to Bremen a few weeks ago and I have to say that this city really surprised me. After doing some research through internet it seemed like boring place where I was just going to spend a few days before continuing to Brighton, UK because that was cheaper than flying there straight from Finland. After spending three nights I have to say that Bremen charmed me and I have to return there rather sooner than later.

I mean look at the photo! Who couldn’t love idyllic old town? And especially if there is areas full of street art, small boutiques and tasty food close by! Bremen really is worth of visit. If you want to see more photos from Bremen stay tuned and follow my real travel blog HERE. I will be posting Bremen Photo Diary later today. Also I have now FACEBOOK page so feel free to follow it!


I have thing for pink buildings….



The tittle says everything… I just love old towns, colorful buildings and small alleys! This photo is from Tallinn’s old town and it is everything I love. Pink building in the middle of old town. 

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Happy New Year!


Tallinn Old Town Bird Summer Estonia

Old Town, Tallinn, Estonia

I don’t know why I am starting this year with photo of black bird but HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope we all will have year full of adventures and travels.

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The old and The new


This view to the Tallinn’s old town really charmed me. It wasn’t only because I love old towns and the sky after storm. At this point we had been few morning hours in the city and it had already make good first impression on me. This was the final touch to make me fall in love.

So what took my attention when taking this photo? That pillar full of stickers. New and old next to each other somehow makes me photograph like crazy…

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