How long is too long at home?


Tokyo, Japan

Hello fellow travelers!

It’s just me writing a random postcard for you once again (with a cute photo of a cafe in Tokyo). My life has been painfully boring lately… Maybe it’s because I’m used to traveling all the time and now I have spent the last 3 months at home in Finland. What has my life become when a few months at home are literally killing me?

Sometimes I curse myself for starting this travel lifestyle.

I can’t stop looking for flight deals and so tonight I will probably give in for the want to be free again. Barcelona, Gdansk, Berlin, Budapest, Tallinn… Those are just some of the cities that are taking over my mind currently. The flights are just so cheap so I can’t help myself! Where should I go? What kind of holiday should I plan this time?

With love & wanderlust,
Lost Viivi

Still struggling but HOPE!


Tokyo, Japan

Hello travelers!

It must be a miracle because I haven’t given up blogging yet again… In fact, I’m starting to enjoy the process like I used to when starting this journey of writing for no one on the internet. But it’s easy to write these short “postcards” because I can ramble about anything. It’s also easy to edit my old blog posts because I don’t really have to think of anything.

Writing a new travel-themed post for my main travel blog, that’s the real struggle. There are so many subjects I would love to write about but why can’t I get anything written down. Maybe I have too high hopes for myself and so am too scared to even try. Do you ever feel like that?

Despite blogging seeming impossible I see light at the end of the tunnel. I have been posting Instagrams for a few days in the row now, my Pinterest is full of new pins, and I have been learning more about monetizing blogs. Small steps. That’s all I need to feel hope. And hope can change the world, right?

With love and hope,
Lost Viivi

Long time no see travelers!

Travel writer and food

All inclusive holiday in Alanya, Turkey

Hello! What have you been up to?

I haven’t blogged for too long time. In this blog, it has been almost 5 months and even in my main travel blog it has been weeks. I’m someone who won’t do things if she doesn’t feel like it which was the case with blogging. But feelings change. Out of nowhere I once again found my inspiration: This is what I’m meant to do! Blogging has always been my thing and so I would like to continue doing it. Maybe someday it can be more than just a hobby?

The biggest reason why I have had so many problems from the start (or well at least from the point I had been blogging for almost a year and out of nowhere had over thousand readers) was because of the fear of embarrassing myself. When you write just for yourself and a few people, there’s nothing to lose. After your friends, family, and thousands of stranger read what you have to say it starts to get scary.

Can I this time really continue blogging without giving up? I have no answer for the questions but for the first time I promise to give my all for it! I won’t promise daily posts but I will be trying my best.

With a new attitude,
Lost Viivi

Returning to the start…

Kinkakuji - Golden Pavilion in Kyoto

Golden Pavilion, Kyoto, Japan

For me, it all started from Kyoto and Japan.

I believe that every one of us will have that one moment (or multiple moments in cases like mine) in their life when they realize that the path they’re currently on isn’t the right one. Maybe it’s the choice of going to school or the job you’re stuck in. One moment and everything will change, you realize that there’s something different for you to pursue.

My life-changing moment happened almost two years ago after taking a year off school and traveling to Japan for three months. There was no returning to my normal life after getting a taste of the traveling lifestyle. Believe me, I have tried my best…

Have you experienced a life-changing moment like this? Something that made you realize that there was no way back to the old you? All comments are always welcome!

Read my travel diary from Golden Pavilion in Kyoto

With love,
Lost Viivi

Finding my inner girl boss

Blogger ready to travel

Airport in Finland

How are you doing travelers?

I love this photo I took just after landing back to Finland after my Turkey trip. It may not be the best quality or the prettiest one. However, it takes me back to that moment, the feelings I had in my heart.

Usually, when I’m leaving a place my mind is full of clutter and it just feels so unreal: I may never return to this place. This time something was different. I came back to my lovely Finland and it was so sunny. Even the world seemed to smile for me and I couldn’t stop grinning. It felt like this trip had opened my eyes to see something new. I knew what I wanted to do. That’s rare in my life. I was going to go back home, clean the house, have one day off and then start again everything. Daily blogging, my work schedule, and life as a positive productive person.

Plans like this are normal for me. I get the idea of changing my life about once a month but it never works out. This time I for some reason knew that something was changed. My plan wasn’t going to be a fail this time around and at least now it’s working out. I’m on my second week of daily blogging but also on my third week of working six hours on fice days a week! Never felt this proud of myself…

Do you feel happy when returning back home? Or rather endless depressed thoughts? All answers to this postcard are more than welcome to the comments.

Kind regards,

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Inspiration from Alanya

Alanya's beaches

Alanya, Turkey

Hello all travelers!

It’s once again time to awake this daily photography blog. If you follow me on my other blogs or on Twitter, you may have heard that I once again am trying daily blogging challenge. (Check my schedule from below.) My weekly plan now includes writing seven photography posts for this blog so let’s see how long I can keep this going.

The photo above is from Alanya. My holiday there last month was life changing you could say. Or maybe not life changing but at least full of motivation. I decided to start taking this blogging thing more seriously. Not too seriously but more seriously. Meaning that I will give my all for this daily writing thing. In the end, blogging is right now one of the top things on my list of everything making me happy

See you tomorrow!
– Lost Viivi

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Addicted to writing guides

writing guides

Hello there!

If you are reading my other blogs, you may already know that I’m a huge writing guide addict. In fact, I have over 20 writing guides on my bookshelf and that’s a lot when you take in count that I bought the first guide roughly six months ago. These two books I bought from my recent Helsinki trip. The bookstore in there is a lot bigger when compared to my hometown so I could not pass the opportunity to get these books. Okay!? I don’t have a problem! I will someday read all these books. I promise…

So, am I the only one or has anyone else addiction of buying books? Or maybe buying something else “you totally need to have to make your life better”?

With love,
The Writer Viivi

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Blue sky and missing Paris


Paris, France

It’s so odd how quickly time flies. The photo above is from my family’s Paris trip. It was before I even started travel blogging or truly become a traveler. At that time, every trip I made felt so unique and like a dream. I only left Finland about once a year. Everything has changed so quickly. It has been a few years but my life is so different. This year I have traveled to 10 different countries. I have done trip almost every month of the year. Am I just dreaming? Can this even be a real life?

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Map to your mind


MACRO Testaccio, Rome, Italy

I was on interesting tour when we come across this graffiti. Even my tour guide hadn’t seen it before so it took a while from us to realize the meaning behind this map. It looks like Rome’s map but all the places and street names are changed to something else. It is meant to be your life’s map. You start from the red arrow and then walk the streets that make your own life path. Cool idea and definitely nice change to see in Rome that sometimes felt too ancient for my taste.

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With love,

Viivi’s Lost Mind