Piece of Peace


Tokyo, Japan

This photo is from the time I lived a month in Tokyo. It’s important for two reasons. Firstly because this local lady and small girl taught me how to make origami bird. They didn’t talk English, I didn’t speak Japanese. Despite that, the experience was something I won’t forget.

Second reason? The meaning of this bird and the ways I have met it later on in my life. The birds were sent to Hiroshima to be part of this collection of origami birds that present peace and remind us why we should be against atomic bombs. There is whole story behind the origami birds but I won’t talk about it now because I am not as educated on the matter as I would like to be. Later on during my visit to Hiroshima, I saw the beautiful birds where they were meant to be.

My meeting with the birds didn’t stop here. The next year when I had returned back to Finland and was studying business we ended up speaking about the origami birds in one of our courses. Totally random but made me go back to the time that changed a lot for me.

The third time I needed to have a reminder of my time in Japan, I met the beautiful origami birds once again. I was in Budapest and my friend had recommended The Hospital in Rock museum for me. Coincidentally, they had a special exhibition of atomic bombs and the last room was full of those birds delivered straight from Japan.

Who knows when I will meet these birds of peace again. Or maybe someone else gets this same feeling of hope everytime they see the small blue bird I folded with the help of two kind human beings.

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I don’t have crush on Spiderman…


Suspicious Side Alley, Bremen, Germany

I could say that I don’t have crush on Spiderman but I doubt that anyone would believe me. It’s not even my fault because I have long history of falling for fictional characters and Spiderman was one of the first not so real love interests I had. My deep love for this character that has lasted for years is mainly because his humor (more in the comics and cartoons than in Spiderman movies) but also because who doesn’t love men in thigh red suits?

This photo was taken in Bremen and I could not skip stopping to have small photography session with this graffiti. Not even if the area seemed kind of suspicious and there was a few not so kind looking locals staring me oddly. But hey what wouldn’t traveler do for forbidden love?

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Viivi in Love

Falling love with Venice

Beautiful Venice

Beautiful canal, Venice, Italy

I have just returned from my trip to Venice. I don’t even know what to say… I have once again fallen in love. Not with person but with city, beautiful place and getting lost. I knew even before going that Venice was going to be one of those places that I would see myself calling as home in the future. It still surprised me just how much I loved this city and getting lost around its narrow streets. Now you will hopefully see a lot of more photos from my Italy trip!

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Totally Lost Viivi