I Conquered Eastern Europe

Europe Travel Blog ViennaVienna, Switzerland

I am back from Eastern Europe! I took over Vienna, Budapest, Prague, Bratislava and Krakow. What does that mean? I have more than enough photos and stories to share with you for the rest of the year. My three weeks going around by buses were amazing and I totally recommend it for everyone. Europe has some charming cities I have to say. So, just wait for more stories!

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Viivi Back At Home


Missing home

Uspenski CathedralHelsinki, Finland

Photo from Finland because even I miss home while traveling… Sometimes being new city, meeting amazing people and experiencing so many different things gets tiring. Sometimes you fall asleep in hostel hoping that you were back at home in your own bed. Traveling around the world is amazing but there is something different at home that all of us miss from time to time…

With love,

Homesick Viivi


I dreamed of Japan…


Fushimi Inari Taisha, Kyoto, Japan

Last night I dreamed of Japan. I was walking on the narrow streets of Tokyo, getting lost between the torii gates of Fushimi Inari and ate sushi in that small restaurant of Osaka. It felt I was truly back there and when I woke up my heart was aching. It has been two years but Japan has never left my heart. I have tried to get this feeling while visiting other countries and countless cities around the world but it never works. There was something different in the way Japan made me feel. It was like finding a lost home.

We have been talking about going to Japan with my mom so the hollow feelings and dreams full of memories must be because of that. Japan is drawing me to come back. Two years feels like forever. If I close my eyes, I can almost imagine me back there. I was totally alone and still so full of life. My travel romance was with this country and its culture, not just with some random dude from my hostel. I miss Japan like I miss Finland when I am traveling far away from my home country.

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Viivi & Homesickness 


Writer’s Day Off



Hello everyone after a long time! I’m probably the worst blogger ever because I try to write three blogs and never find time for any of them. But to publish something here… this photo is taken during my day off. If you have been reading my other blogs (GoTravelBlog and LostViivi), you may know that I will start studying creative writing this autumn in university. To get ready for my future studies I have decided to write stories everyday for two hours. Sounds impossible, right?

Pets are great!



Isn’t my dog cute? And please ignore my foot that is photobombing here. I still need more practice with my photography skills…

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Roses are red… blue, yellow and pinkish!

Photo Travel Blog


Last weekend my little sister graduated from high school and we had party to congratulate her. It is so odd how quickly time is going. How can she already be so old! I feel like my own graduation party was just last weekend even if it has been over two years. Where all the time is disappearing?

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Autumn Days


More Instagram photos because I’m lazy! This is my current home town before the winter and snow took over… I have to walk this path every day to school so for me this view is the most boring thing ever. But I though you may find it pretty? Or at least get the feeling of Finnish autumn.

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Just Normal Finland


There is nothing beautiful, extraordinary or interesting in this photo. Then why I decided to share it with you today?

This is my new home, the street I see everyday, my home’s shadow spreading over everything. This is important place for me. And this blog is all about the thing I find important (or pretty) so even if this photo isn’t masterpiece it is important one for this blog.

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Missing my home


This photo is from my last week in home before moving away. I miss my home already! Fortunately only a week left and I can go back to home again for weekend.

That’s all I have to say today. I hope you are having good week!

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This blog is dedicated to my amazing travel photos. Everyday I will share one photo and small story how I happened to took it. So follow me for more wanderlust photos!

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