Missing the warm days


Rome, Italy

Hello again!

I have been back at home for too long (like a month) and the cold winter isn’t helping my case. This photo above was taken in our hotel’s breakfast in Rome last year. The weather was above 30C and definitely too hot for us Finns but now I can only miss those warm summer days.

We are traveling to Japan later this year which means I should save some money. The plan is to say for a few months there and maybe continue to South Korea after that. It’s so hard to just stay at home. My fingers have their own mind that takes them to the websites of travel agencies before I even realize. All inclusive holiday deals aren’t even so expensive… A week being pampered in warmth just sounds so perfect right now… Please? Do you have any travel dreams right now like me?

With love,
Suffering Viivi

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Perfect Christmas Gift

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Cruise: Helsinki, Finland – Tallinn, Estonia

It’s only two months till Christmas. Okay, okay, I know that is a long time and I am usually that person who hates people talking about Christmas too early. However, soon will be the time we all have to start thinking about gifts and what to give for our family and friends. I saw this photo on my computer by accident and remembered the gifts from last year.

Last year I had just shared my surprisingly popular travel blog with my family and had finally admitted being a travel addict. My a few years younger little sister also likes traveling. So, what would have been a better gift for her than taking her with me to see Tallinn’s Christmas markets? We took a day cruise to Estonia from Helsinki just before Christmas and did some shopping on those colorful markets.

I have no idea what to give her or to anyone else this year… Fortunately, I am going to New York in December. It seems like a city full of cool gift ideas!

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I didn’t love Rome


Rome, Italy

There is ruins in Rome literally everywhere. At first it is amazing. The city is like one big museum with things to discover on every corner of the narrow streets. But after being in Rome for two or three days all of this may be too much. You can never have enough time to see everything and because there is history everywhere it just blends in to one big mess and you stop caring too much. Colosseum nice, Vatican super nice, some random historical building nice, just nice nothing else.

And that’s why I didn’t like Rome. It was nice experience but during my visit I didn’t see the soul of this city. I felt like it was one big theater kept up for the tourists visiting there.

With love,

Viivi Not In Love With Rome

Tale of Touristy Hats


Touristy life, Rome, Italy

This is photo from the first day of my and my mom’s Rome holiday. This is also story of the touristy hats that I kept seeing everywhere. My mom had bought her hat back at home and I was laughing when she told me to get one. I should have believed her. Mom is always right (expect when you are trying to find Vatican… but that’s story for other time!) First day went well and I saw almost everyone using those touristy hats. It was over 30 degrees in Rome and we were literally dying.

Then second day after our amazing trip to Vatican I got sick from the sun. Sunstroke. I haven’t had one probably after I was kid. Fortunately, I only got it when we were returning to our hotel. We used tram and there was no air conditioning. The short walk to our hotel on sun was like torture. Then I slept rest of the day while my mum went to eat and came back with some random food and medicine for me.

Next day I bought touristy hat for myself right away we exited the hotel. I had to pay A LOT. But at least I survived without getting sick for the rest of my trip.

With love,

Viivi & Tourist Hat

When art lover travels


Small Museum in Harajuku, Tokyo, Japan

Museums are my expensive guilty pleasure while traveling. I would save a lot of money if I just skipped them altogether. But I can’t. Most of my friends don’t understand my fascination with museums. They are just houses full of paintings. But during my life I have learned that museums are a lot more. Look at the photo above. Isn’t room full of those colorful paintings, a few colorful statues and amazing view from window to outside world worth of paying a few euros? For me it is, for some people it isn’t.

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With love,

Lost Viivi


Under Cherry Tree

Travel Blog


More cherry blossom photos! I just never get enough of watching these pretty flowers…

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Pets are great!



Isn’t my dog cute? And please ignore my foot that is photobombing here. I still need more practice with my photography skills…

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Roses are red… blue, yellow and pinkish!

Photo Travel Blog


Last weekend my little sister graduated from high school and we had party to congratulate her. It is so odd how quickly time is going. How can she already be so old! I feel like my own graduation party was just last weekend even if it has been over two years. Where all the time is disappearing?

.        .        .

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