Walking into blogger’s dreams

Blogger in Harry Potter world

The Making of Harry Potter, London, UK

Hello all dream catchers!

The photos above should say all. I visited Diagon Alley with my sister while we went for our London adventure. If you don’t know what’s Diagon Alley just stop reading and continue to somewhere else please. For Harry Potter fans, isn’t this like a dream come true?

I grew up with Harry Potter books and movies. The reading bug bit me after reading the first Harry Potter book. I can still remember how I read every other chapter by myself and my parents read the other chapters for me and my sister. I could almost imagine myself living in a world like this: magic, battles between powers, and of course adventures so unbelievable. Even then my soul graved for different places or worlds far far away…

Straight from her childhood memories,
Lost Viivi

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Disneyland, Paris, France

I don’t really know what else to say than I have to visit Disneyland again! And sooner rather than later! I have soul of child and things like this just make me too happy. 🙂

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With love,

Childish Viivi


Museum Stickers

Travel Blog Helsinki


Have you ever left your museum pass sticker to wall full of stickers? I have so many times that I can’t even count them. Not that much anymore but seeing these sticker walls reminds me of my childhood. We used to do family trips to museums and usually (at least in Finland) they “mark” you with this sticker after you have paid the admission. And then after people leave this museum they stick the sticker to somewhere near by.

These sticker walls have always enchanted me. Every sticker signifies different person who has visited the museum. Did they like it? Where they just dragged there by friend? Maybe they are regular visitor or someone from far far away. I have always loved museums and especially the fact that those artworks, historic things or whatever the museums exhibits will all these people who will never meet each others share this experience without them even realizing.  Happiness, sadness, pure excitement of learning new things or even getting bored to death. It just feels magical to me.

But now I will stop this odd rant and just let you enjoy the photo. My summer holiday just started officially so I hope I will have time to write my blogs more than before. If you haven’t already, follow my Facebook and official travel blog more random travel related posts like this.

Tourists in storm

Helsinki and storm

This Senate Square from Helsinki keeps so many of my happy memories in it. I have always been part of the group making the tourists wonder are Finns gone crazy. There have been flash mops I took part,  screaming, having fun and being normal young crazy Finn. I have once ended up in random couple’s wedding picture with Jedward mask on and probably to too many tourists’ photos doing some crazy shit.

This time when I visited I was just quietly observing. As twenty one years old I’m not as crazy anymore. But still the memories and seeing all the tourists here makes me smile. It also makes me miss some old friends and loves. Nostalgic.

.      .      .

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