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Streetart in Krakow

Krakow, Poland

Hello, I hope you are doing fine!

Last year I did adventure around Eastern Europe and Krakow was one of the cities I decided to visit randomly without it even being in my plan. The bus there was cheap and I had loved Poland when being in Gdansk earlier in the same year. I recommend visiting Krakow for everyone but one of my favorite things may sound surprising.

On the old town wall artists we selling their art like you can see in the photo. I would walk along the wall for so many times that the sellers probably thought I was planning a heist to steal their business. Those colorful paintings just looked so cool and dreamy covering the whole wall. Especially, on rainy days. Better than any of the “real tourists attractions”.

Have you odd favorite tourist attractions in cities you have visited? Do you ever dream of covering your own room with paintings/prints like these? (I admit that my decoration skills suck and covering your room walls with colors may not be the best idea…) 

With love,
Really Lost Viivi

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Some People Only See The Mess

Street art Rome Italy

Rome, Italy

Some people only see vandalism when they look at street art. It’s a big mess that makes our streets look cheap and poorly managed. Sometimes graffiti isn’t beautiful. It may be small meaningless text made without any thinking. Or maybe the “vandal” has written it to fit in. But then there is street art that will make our cities shine. Colors, meaning, and real art. I won’t encourage anyone to paint in prohibited places but let’s just say that in my opinion cities without any graffiti art are just boring.

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When art lover travels


Small Museum in Harajuku, Tokyo, Japan

Museums are my expensive guilty pleasure while traveling. I would save a lot of money if I just skipped them altogether. But I can’t. Most of my friends don’t understand my fascination with museums. They are just houses full of paintings. But during my life I have learned that museums are a lot more. Look at the photo above. Isn’t room full of those colorful paintings, a few colorful statues and amazing view from window to outside world worth of paying a few euros? For me it is, for some people it isn’t.

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With love,

Lost Viivi


Street Art in Brighton

Travel Photography Blog


One thing that made me fall in love with Brighton was the pretty streets of the city. Look at all this art! It was like walking in fairy tale. Or okay maybe more like in book for young adults. A little threatening but so charming.

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Museum Stickers

Travel Blog Helsinki


Have you ever left your museum pass sticker to wall full of stickers? I have so many times that I can’t even count them. Not that much anymore but seeing these sticker walls reminds me of my childhood. We used to do family trips to museums and usually (at least in Finland) they “mark” you with this sticker after you have paid the admission. And then after people leave this museum they stick the sticker to somewhere near by.

These sticker walls have always enchanted me. Every sticker signifies different person who has visited the museum. Did they like it? Where they just dragged there by friend? Maybe they are regular visitor or someone from far far away. I have always loved museums and especially the fact that those artworks, historic things or whatever the museums exhibits will all these people who will never meet each others share this experience without them even realizing.  Happiness, sadness, pure excitement of learning new things or even getting bored to death. It just feels magical to me.

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The Little Prince

Kokkola tourist attraction FInland


This cute little statue is one of my favorite things in Kokkola (in addition to the beautiful old town. It is almost invisible and unnoticeable. It just sits there without worry of life reading under green tree. What would be more idyllic statue for small town like this?

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Art Lover’s Paradise


Tate Modern, London, UK

I’m art lover. I have spoken about this before but I have visited museums since since my childhood. My family used to go to different museums on weekends when my siblings and I were young. Sometimes I hated it, sometimes I loved it. Nowadays I mostly love all museums I visit. Tate Modern was one of the best museums I have been to.

Sometimes people find it funny. Why do you like museums? Art is boring! Young people should be partying and not spending their time in old museums… I don’t even know why I like art and museums so much. Somehow walking between the different pieces of creativity makes me feel happy.

And maybe it has nothing to do with the art there. It may have everything to do with the fact that all these people around me are here for the same purpose. It’s kind of same effect as going to concert has. Mass of people all trying to full their life with something creative. Art, music or whatever being part of that group has always made me happy.

I’m sorry I don’t probably make any sense. This went quickly too deep and I never meant that… I will share new photo tomorrow so see you then and I hope you are having an amazing day!

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Fairies in Park


In Tampere, Finland we have this park/hill full of secrets. There is the coolest playground I have ever seen, wonderful view to the Särkänniemi amusement park and our huge lake, beautiful mansion and nowadays a lot of youngsters running after Pokemons. However my favorite things are these small statues of small humans in random places. Like fairies had taken over the park.

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The Lovely Art

interactive art museum kiasma colors

I love museums and I think I have mentioned that too many times in my blogs… But this photo really sums up why. Some people don’t realize how cool can art be. Usually we think art means old buildings full of even older paintings.

In reality art can mean colors, laughing until you can’t breath and finding peace inside of yourself. This art work was exhibited in Kiasma museum earlier this year. There was long line of people wanting to take nap in the comfy looking hammock things.

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