Beach in my hostel?


I forget the name of this hostel in Budapest…

How are you doing?
It’s finally starting to feel like a summer in Finland and so what would be a better way to celebrate this than sharing photos of different kind of beaches all week long? We will start with a photo from Budapest. Palm trees and dreamy blue color. I felt like staying on beach during my stay in this hostel!

The fun thing is that I arrived in the hostel late at night but there was literally no one else. Just me and the two people who checked me in. I had this room fully for myself. Palm trees and all. That’s why I was able to take this photo without feeling embarrassed of taking photos of the painting above someone’s bed.

If you ask my opinion hostels with a small decorations like this are the best. What do you think? Like always all comments are more than welcome!

With love,
Summer Viivi

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Bamboo Forest, Arashiyama, Kyoto, Japan

I don’t know why I haven’t shared this photo before but here is one more lovely memory from Japan. (Don’t mind that couple taking photo…) Taking photo without photobombing people in Kyoto’s Bamboo Forest is literally impossible. I visited just before sunset so my photo doesn’t have that many people but it is also a little dark. Nothing can truly show the beauty this place holds inside.

Have you ever been to Bamboo Forest? If not remember to check it out if you are on your way to Kyoto!

With love,

Lost Viivi

I Conquered Eastern Europe

Europe Travel Blog ViennaVienna, Switzerland

I am back from Eastern Europe! I took over Vienna, Budapest, Prague, Bratislava and Krakow. What does that mean? I have more than enough photos and stories to share with you for the rest of the year. My three weeks going around by buses were amazing and I totally recommend it for everyone. Europe has some charming cities I have to say. So, just wait for more stories!

With love,

Viivi Back At Home

Tallinn after rain


More after rain photos from Tallinn! Well I don’t have time to tell you any stories behind this photo so I’m sorry. I’m right now travelling in London so you will see those photos soon in here!

.      .      .

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