Blogging isn’t easy but who cares!

Brighton's colorful buildings

Brighton, UK

Hey, all travelers out there!

How are you doing today? I’m again here writing this postcard and updating you about my life. It’s like 2pm and I’m still wearing my nightwear. Someone could say that this is a slow morning or a bad start for the day. For me, on the other hand, today has been very productive. Day by day I keep updating my blog. Little things, small steps, everything I want to change and add there. It feels good.

However, it’s not surprising because I’m literally in the same situation as I was in when first starting my travel blog. A few months ago I returned from my long trip to Japan. I haven’t been traveling and so my soul yearns something more. It’s hard to stay at home doing nothing. Or well-doing everything except traveling!

When I first started writing Go Travel Global I had just returned from my first ever solo trip for three months in Japan. My life was going downhill. Writing about traveling made me feel alive. Then people started reading my not so professional blog and for the first time in my life I kind of found out that maybe my dreams of being a writer weren’t as impossible as the world made me believe.

And then I stopped blogging.

I love blogging but it’s not easy. When you write every week and want to make something out of blogging it consumes you. There’s nothing else you can think of. Every trip, every new memory, everything is a possible idea for a new blog post. And so I stopped because I love life. There was no time for anything else when I was blogging.

And now I have returned.

It took me a long time to realize that blogging doesn’t have to be serious. I can do whatever I want and that’s it! Now I have returned with a new mindset. This blogging doesn’t have to go anywhere. Of course, it would be nice to be “professional blogger” but I’m still living the life of student and freelancer writer right now so it doesn’t matter. Maybe something more will come out of this or maybe blogging will forever be just a hobby I passionately love!

Sorry for ranting once again but hey I stopped caring what people think or want. Like the name of this blog says – I’m just an idiot who writes postcards for no one on the internet…

With love,
Lost Viivi

Walking into blogger’s dreams

Blogger in Harry Potter world

The Making of Harry Potter, London, UK

Hello all dream catchers!

The photos above should say all. I visited Diagon Alley with my sister while we went for our London adventure. If you don’t know what’s Diagon Alley just stop reading and continue to somewhere else please. For Harry Potter fans, isn’t this like a dream come true?

I grew up with Harry Potter books and movies. The reading bug bit me after reading the first Harry Potter book. I can still remember how I read every other chapter by myself and my parents read the other chapters for me and my sister. I could almost imagine myself living in a world like this: magic, battles between powers, and of course adventures so unbelievable. Even then my soul graved for different places or worlds far far away…

Straight from her childhood memories,
Lost Viivi

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Abandoned Brighton

Travel Blog


This was definitely my favorite thing in Brighton. Abandoned pier in the middle of ocean. Why decided it would be good idea to leave it there?

I have always been interested about abandoned things. Someone may remember my infamous accidental trip to abandoned amusement park in Japan. I may have spent a few hours just sitting in the beach and staring this interesting structure. And I wasn’t the only one!

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Street Art in Brighton

Travel Photography Blog


One thing that made me fall in love with Brighton was the pretty streets of the city. Look at all this art! It was like walking in fairy tale. Or okay maybe more like in book for young adults. A little threatening but so charming.

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New Perspective to Travel

travel photos Brighton

I thought this photo was quite cool so I wanted to share it. I took it in my recent Brighton trip because I have been trying to test some new perspectives while taking photos. Also, this summer I will try to learn how to edit photos using something else than my phone’s apps… Luckily I will have a lot of time in work! Just have to find some free internet courses that will be easy enough for me.

.        .        .

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Beware of Crazy Birds!

London Birds Park


Sometimes I feel like bird whisperer. Every time I visit new city I somehow meet odd and crazy birds that seem too friendly with me. London wasn’t exception. Look at these birds! CRAZY…

.        .        .

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Magical Rainbow of London

London Hyde Park


Last autumn during my London trip I encountered this rainbow in Hyde Park. I am not that good at photography but I am quite satisfied with this shot. You can see the rainbow in it so I count it as a win! Someone would say that my pretty scenery photo has too many people in it but I like more taking these “real” photos where you can see all the people, tourists, bad sides of things and everything someone else might leave out of the photo. That’s not a bad thing right?

.        .        .

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Lost In Green

Kensington Garden, London, UK

I have always loved getting lost to labyrinths and gardens. This path surrounded by vines was one of my favorite things to photograph in London. It just looks so perfect. Romantic and lonely at the same time.

.      .      .

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Art Lover’s Paradise


Tate Modern, London, UK

I’m art lover. I have spoken about this before but I have visited museums since since my childhood. My family used to go to different museums on weekends when my siblings and I were young. Sometimes I hated it, sometimes I loved it. Nowadays I mostly love all museums I visit. Tate Modern was one of the best museums I have been to.

Sometimes people find it funny. Why do you like museums? Art is boring! Young people should be partying and not spending their time in old museums… I don’t even know why I like art and museums so much. Somehow walking between the different pieces of creativity makes me feel happy.

And maybe it has nothing to do with the art there. It may have everything to do with the fact that all these people around me are here for the same purpose. It’s kind of same effect as going to concert has. Mass of people all trying to full their life with something creative. Art, music or whatever being part of that group has always made me happy.

I’m sorry I don’t probably make any sense. This went quickly too deep and I never meant that… I will share new photo tomorrow so see you then and I hope you are having an amazing day!

.      .      .

This blog is dedicated to my amazing travel photos and stories. I will try to share new photo everyday but I have never been one to follow schedules… So follow me for more wanderlust photos!

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