Returning to the start…

Kinkakuji - Golden Pavilion in Kyoto

Golden Pavilion, Kyoto, Japan

For me, it all started from Kyoto and Japan.

I believe that every one of us will have that one moment (or multiple moments in cases like mine) in their life when they realize that the path they’re currently on isn’t the right one. Maybe it’s the choice of going to school or the job you’re stuck in. One moment and everything will change, you realize that there’s something different for you to pursue.

My life-changing moment happened almost two years ago after taking a year off school and traveling to Japan for three months. There was no returning to my normal life after getting a taste of the traveling lifestyle. Believe me, I have tried my best…

Have you experienced a life-changing moment like this? Something that made you realize that there was no way back to the old you? All comments are always welcome!

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With love,
Lost Viivi


Piece of Peace


Tokyo, Japan

This photo is from the time I lived a month in Tokyo. It’s important for two reasons. Firstly because this local lady and small girl taught me how to make origami bird. They didn’t talk English, I didn’t speak Japanese. Despite that, the experience was something I won’t forget.

Second reason? The meaning of this bird and the ways I have met it later on in my life. The birds were sent to Hiroshima to be part of this collection of origami birds that present peace and remind us why we should be against atomic bombs. There is whole story behind the origami birds but I won’t talk about it now because I am not as educated on the matter as I would like to be. Later on during my visit to Hiroshima, I saw the beautiful birds where they were meant to be.

My meeting with the birds didn’t stop here. The next year when I had returned back to Finland and was studying business we ended up speaking about the origami birds in one of our courses. Totally random but made me go back to the time that changed a lot for me.

The third time I needed to have a reminder of my time in Japan, I met the beautiful origami birds once again. I was in Budapest and my friend had recommended The Hospital in Rock museum for me. Coincidentally, they had a special exhibition of atomic bombs and the last room was full of those birds delivered straight from Japan.

Who knows when I will meet these birds of peace again. Or maybe someone else gets this same feeling of hope everytime they see the small blue bird I folded with the help of two kind human beings.

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Bamboo Forest, Arashiyama, Kyoto, Japan

I don’t know why I haven’t shared this photo before but here is one more lovely memory from Japan. (Don’t mind that couple taking photo…) Taking photo without photobombing people in Kyoto’s Bamboo Forest is literally impossible. I visited just before sunset so my photo doesn’t have that many people but it is also a little dark. Nothing can truly show the beauty this place holds inside.

Have you ever been to Bamboo Forest? If not remember to check it out if you are on your way to Kyoto!

With love,

Lost Viivi

Feelings From Hiroshima


Hiroshima, Japan

I visited today Hospital In Rock in Budapest and they had Hiroshima and Nagasaki atom bomb exhibition as part of the normal tour. It made me go back to the day trip I made to Hiroshima. Everyone was a little bit against it. “There may still be radiation. It’s not safe.” But I wanted to do this trip. I wanted to visit the city that I had always seen on my history books.

During these both visits Hiroshima two years ago and the exhibition yesterday, I realized one thing. They teach us wee in Finnish school. Or maybe it was just my History teacher who showed us all these videos and photos from the time of the atomic bomb. There was many people on the tour who didn’t know almost anything about the subject and who were terrified of the photos that were showed.

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Viivi Terrified by the History

I dreamed of Japan…


Fushimi Inari Taisha, Kyoto, Japan

Last night I dreamed of Japan. I was walking on the narrow streets of Tokyo, getting lost between the torii gates of Fushimi Inari and ate sushi in that small restaurant of Osaka. It felt I was truly back there and when I woke up my heart was aching. It has been two years but Japan has never left my heart. I have tried to get this feeling while visiting other countries and countless cities around the world but it never works. There was something different in the way Japan made me feel. It was like finding a lost home.

We have been talking about going to Japan with my mom so the hollow feelings and dreams full of memories must be because of that. Japan is drawing me to come back. Two years feels like forever. If I close my eyes, I can almost imagine me back there. I was totally alone and still so full of life. My travel romance was with this country and its culture, not just with some random dude from my hostel. I miss Japan like I miss Finland when I am traveling far away from my home country.

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Viivi & Homesickness 


When art lover travels


Small Museum in Harajuku, Tokyo, Japan

Museums are my expensive guilty pleasure while traveling. I would save a lot of money if I just skipped them altogether. But I can’t. Most of my friends don’t understand my fascination with museums. They are just houses full of paintings. But during my life I have learned that museums are a lot more. Look at the photo above. Isn’t room full of those colorful paintings, a few colorful statues and amazing view from window to outside world worth of paying a few euros? For me it is, for some people it isn’t.

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Lost Viivi


Memories from Harajuku

Travel Blog


After a long time I am back with photo from my Japan trip. I can’t believe it has soon be two years. It still feels like I returned just yesterday. You can’t even imagine how my I miss back there. Japan was country that somehow fitted perfectly for me. I felt more home there than I feel in my home country Finland!

This photo is from Harajuku. One of my ultimate favorite neighborhoods in Tokyo. I had been using Line with my friend for some time when I first visited this small shop selling only line fan products. It was like heaven.

Now I am just looking all these photos I took in Japan… Maybe I will share one tomorrow for throw back Thursday in my INSTAGRAM.

Hellish Monkey Park Mountain

Kyoto Monkey Park Arashiyama

Monkey Park, Arashiyama, Kyoto, Japan

Today I felt like sharing one Japan memory. This photo is from the hellish Monkey Park aka mountain I didn’t know I was going to climb on that day. I love this photo and I loved Arashiyama even more. The climb to top of the mountain was totally worth of all the pain but I have just one wish for the park… Please can you always mention to everyone that it’s not park but HUGE mountain you have to climb up! That would have saved my cute shoes and dead legs…

What wouldn’t I do to see funny and cute monkeys?

.      .      .

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