That Obligatory Airplane Photo

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Somewhere above Italy or Rome

I have mixed relationship with flying. I am scared to death of it (and I blame that on air crash investigation programs…) but at the same time I don’t love anything as much as sitting in airplane knowing that soon you will land on some new exciting destination. You can just sit and wait for that new place, new adventure and new life that will be ahead of you. There is nothing else to do that to put on your headphones, listen to some music and dream endlessly of better life…

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Viivi who is scared of flying


Map to your mind


MACRO Testaccio, Rome, Italy

I was on interesting tour when we come across this graffiti. Even my tour guide hadn’t seen it before so it took a while from us to realize the meaning behind this map. It looks like Rome’s map but all the places and street names are changed to something else. It is meant to be your life’s map. You start from the red arrow and then walk the streets that make your own life path. Cool idea and definitely nice change to see in Rome that sometimes felt too ancient for my taste.

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Viivi’s Lost Mind

Tourists in Vatican

Tourists in Vatican

Touristy Lounge, Vatican

This is photo from our first minutes in Vatican during our Rome trip. I knew that there was going to be tourists but never did I thought that there would be so many of us. Fortunately we had booked our tickets back at home so there was about 5 minutes of standing in line for us. I have no idea who can just wait in the heat for hours before getting in? I wouldn’t even if that may make me bad traveler…

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Lost Viivi

Falling love with Venice

Beautiful Venice

Beautiful canal, Venice, Italy

I have just returned from my trip to Venice. I don’t even know what to say… I have once again fallen in love. Not with person but with city, beautiful place and getting lost. I knew even before going that Venice was going to be one of those places that I would see myself calling as home in the future. It still surprised me just how much I loved this city and getting lost around its narrow streets. Now you will hopefully see a lot of more photos from my Italy trip!

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Totally Lost Viivi