Some People Only See The Mess

Street art Rome Italy

Rome, Italy

Some people only see vandalism when they look at street art. It’s a big mess that makes our streets look cheap and poorly managed. Sometimes graffiti isn’t beautiful. It may be small meaningless text made without any thinking. Or maybe the “vandal” has written it to fit in. But then there is street art that will make our cities shine. Colors, meaning, and real art. I won’t encourage anyone to paint in prohibited places but let’s just say that in my opinion cities without any graffiti art are just boring.

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Waiting for Colosseum


Colosseum, Rome, Italy

See the line? We were waiting there for an about hour before getting in the Colosseum. Fun thing is that we already had tickets so the line we were in was even shorter than the line for those not having tickets. People are crazy. There was this Finnish couple in front of us in the queue so at least we had someone to talk with. All of us agreed that there was surprisingly few Finns in Rome but it was probably because of the unbearable heat. No one had warned the four of us that going to Rome in August would be death for us who have used to under 30°C summers.

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I didn’t love Rome


Rome, Italy

There is ruins in Rome literally everywhere. At first it is amazing. The city is like one big museum with things to discover on every corner of the narrow streets. But after being in Rome for two or three days all of this may be too much. You can never have enough time to see everything and because there is history everywhere it just blends in to one big mess and you stop caring too much. Colosseum nice, Vatican super nice, some random historical building nice, just nice nothing else.

And that’s why I didn’t like Rome. It was nice experience but during my visit I didn’t see the soul of this city. I felt like it was one big theater kept up for the tourists visiting there.

With love,

Viivi Not In Love With Rome

Tale of Touristy Hats


Touristy life, Rome, Italy

This is photo from the first day of my and my mom’s Rome holiday. This is also story of the touristy hats that I kept seeing everywhere. My mom had bought her hat back at home and I was laughing when she told me to get one. I should have believed her. Mom is always right (expect when you are trying to find Vatican… but that’s story for other time!) First day went well and I saw almost everyone using those touristy hats. It was over 30 degrees in Rome and we were literally dying.

Then second day after our amazing trip to Vatican I got sick from the sun. Sunstroke. I haven’t had one probably after I was kid. Fortunately, I only got it when we were returning to our hotel. We used tram and there was no air conditioning. The short walk to our hotel on sun was like torture. Then I slept rest of the day while my mum went to eat and came back with some random food and medicine for me.

Next day I bought touristy hat for myself right away we exited the hotel. I had to pay A LOT. But at least I survived without getting sick for the rest of my trip.

With love,

Viivi & Tourist Hat

That Obligatory Airplane Photo

Travel Photo Blog

Somewhere above Italy or Rome

I have mixed relationship with flying. I am scared to death of it (and I blame that on air crash investigation programs…) but at the same time I don’t love anything as much as sitting in airplane knowing that soon you will land on some new exciting destination. You can just sit and wait for that new place, new adventure and new life that will be ahead of you. There is nothing else to do that to put on your headphones, listen to some music and dream endlessly of better life…

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With love,

Viivi who is scared of flying

Map to your mind


MACRO Testaccio, Rome, Italy

I was on interesting tour when we come across this graffiti. Even my tour guide hadn’t seen it before so it took a while from us to realize the meaning behind this map. It looks like Rome’s map but all the places and street names are changed to something else. It is meant to be your life’s map. You start from the red arrow and then walk the streets that make your own life path. Cool idea and definitely nice change to see in Rome that sometimes felt too ancient for my taste.

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With love,

Viivi’s Lost Mind

Tourists in Vatican

Tourists in Vatican

Touristy Lounge, Vatican

This is photo from our first minutes in Vatican during our Rome trip. I knew that there was going to be tourists but never did I thought that there would be so many of us. Fortunately we had booked our tickets back at home so there was about 5 minutes of standing in line for us. I have no idea who can just wait in the heat for hours before getting in? I wouldn’t even if that may make me bad traveler…

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With love

Lost Viivi

Falling love with Venice

Beautiful Venice

Beautiful canal, Venice, Italy

I have just returned from my trip to Venice. I don’t even know what to say… I have once again fallen in love. Not with person but with city, beautiful place and getting lost. I knew even before going that Venice was going to be one of those places that I would see myself calling as home in the future. It still surprised me just how much I loved this city and getting lost around its narrow streets. Now you will hopefully see a lot of more photos from my Italy trip!

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With love,

Totally Lost Viivi