Storybook streets


Bremen, Germany

This street looks like page from storybook. I don’t have anything else to say. That’s it. Storybook.
Bremen looks nice, right?

With love,

Lost Viivi

Finding Summer from Bremen


Bremen, Germany

After you try to enjoy the Finnish spring knowing that there may never be warm summer visiting city full of green leaves and over 20 degrees warmth is like finding paradise. My visit to Bremen was full of sunshine and walking around with only t-shirt. There is no feeling like enjoying summer after too long and cold winter! If you don believe me, life a few years in Finland.

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With love,

Winter Hating Viivi

My New Travel Motto


Bremen, Germany

If there is street art, I will find it. That should be my motto. I am exceptionally good at finding street art  and graffiti where ever I decide to travel. Maybe it is because all these small alleys and side streets attract me towards them. If I see interesting and a little suspicious street, I just can’t skip walking there. It’s not good habit as solo female traveler but no one is going to stop me…

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With love,

Lost Viivi

I don’t have crush on Spiderman…


Suspicious Side Alley, Bremen, Germany

I could say that I don’t have crush on Spiderman but I doubt that anyone would believe me. It’s not even my fault because I have long history of falling for fictional characters and Spiderman was one of the first not so real love interests I had. My deep love for this character that has lasted for years is mainly because his humor (more in the comics and cartoons than in Spiderman movies) but also because who doesn’t love men in thigh red suits?

This photo was taken in Bremen and I could not skip stopping to have small photography session with this graffiti. Not even if the area seemed kind of suspicious and there was a few not so kind looking locals staring me oddly. But hey what wouldn’t traveler do for forbidden love?

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With love,

Viivi in Love

Summer Day From Storybook

Bremen Travel Photos


It’s easy to see why popular story ‘The Bremen Town Musicians’ happens in Bremen. This city is like photo from storybook. Just look at the wind mill. This photo has taken in the central Bremen even if it looks like scene from peaceful countryside. Bremen is just perfect destination for those who want to see something idyllic but still live in busy neighborhood.

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Chai Tea & Pink Heaven



This photo is from cafe in Bremen. These pinkish girly dreamy places somehow always make good impression to me. I enjoy sitting there and watching all these cute colors around me. Even better when the clerk rock styled man who was wearing all black clothes. He didn’t fit in and that made me experience even better.

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Lost in Bremen

Travel Photos: Bremen


I did trip to Bremen a few weeks ago and I have to say that this city really surprised me. After doing some research through internet it seemed like boring place where I was just going to spend a few days before continuing to Brighton, UK because that was cheaper than flying there straight from Finland. After spending three nights I have to say that Bremen charmed me and I have to return there rather sooner than later.

I mean look at the photo! Who couldn’t love idyllic old town? And especially if there is areas full of street art, small boutiques and tasty food close by! Bremen really is worth of visit. If you want to see more photos from Bremen stay tuned and follow my real travel blog HERE. I will be posting Bremen Photo Diary later today. Also I have now FACEBOOK page so feel free to follow it!