Perfect Christmas Gift

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Cruise: Helsinki, Finland – Tallinn, Estonia

It’s only two months till Christmas. Okay, okay, I know that is a long time and I am usually that person who hates people talking about Christmas too early. However, soon will be the time we all have to start thinking about gifts and what to give for our family and friends. I saw this photo on my computer by accident and remembered the gifts from last year.

Last year I had just shared my surprisingly popular travel blog with my family and had finally admitted being a travel addict. My a few years younger little sister also likes traveling. So, what would have been a better gift for her than taking her with me to see Tallinn’s Christmas markets? We took a day cruise to Estonia from Helsinki just before Christmas and did some shopping on those colorful markets.

I have no idea what to give her or to anyone else this year… Fortunately, I am going to New York in December. It seems like a city full of cool gift ideas!

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Missing home

Uspenski CathedralHelsinki, Finland

Photo from Finland because even I miss home while traveling… Sometimes being new city, meeting amazing people and experiencing so many different things gets tiring. Sometimes you fall asleep in hostel hoping that you were back at home in your own bed. Traveling around the world is amazing but there is something different at home that all of us miss from time to time…

With love,

Homesick Viivi


Girl with Red Sneakers


Kalajoki, Finland

If you see me wearing any other shoes than sneakers it will be miracle. Red is definitely my favorite color when we talk about shoes. Girl with red sneakers. It sounds like my life is full of adventures, passion and seeking the life I want. Red sneakers. I associate them with freedom, traveling, watching sunset totally alone but not scared and of course running away from your worries. I know it’s kind of silly but for me red sneakers are the source of power and motivation.

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With love,

Viivi with Red Sneakers

Museum Stickers

Travel Blog Helsinki


Have you ever left your museum pass sticker to wall full of stickers? I have so many times that I can’t even count them. Not that much anymore but seeing these sticker walls reminds me of my childhood. We used to do family trips to museums and usually (at least in Finland) they “mark” you with this sticker after you have paid the admission. And then after people leave this museum they stick the sticker to somewhere near by.

These sticker walls have always enchanted me. Every sticker signifies different person who has visited the museum. Did they like it? Where they just dragged there by friend? Maybe they are regular visitor or someone from far far away. I have always loved museums and especially the fact that those artworks, historic things or whatever the museums exhibits will all these people who will never meet each others share this experience without them even realizing.  Happiness, sadness, pure excitement of learning new things or even getting bored to death. It just feels magical to me.

But now I will stop this odd rant and just let you enjoy the photo. My summer holiday just started officially so I hope I will have time to write my blogs more than before. If you haven’t already, follow my Facebook and official travel blog more random travel related posts like this.

Evening walk

Finland sunset and nature


I just took this photo while on evening walk with my friend. Isn’t Finland pretty? It has finally seemed like summer/spring (even if they promised that the cold will return next week…) so everyone is spending time outside, eating ice cream and just having fun. In Finland you never know if these will be the last warm days of the year so everyone is enjoying as much as they can. So, walk in warm spring weather, sunset and good company, what would be better end for your day?

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Almost Forgot My Tea There…



This photo is mess but so was my mind in the moment I took this. I can remember because this is from my first ever drive from my home town to my new university town. It feels like forever ago even if it has only been under a year. (And yes there is photobombing bug in this shot….)

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Pink Drinks and Bubbles



I don’t drink any alcohol (it just tastes too bad for me to even try…) but that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy my time with people who do. This photo is from our family Easter cruise to Stockholm. Everyone else had something alcoholic while I drunk my non-alcoholic strawberry chili drink. It tastes exactly like summer!

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The Little Prince

Kokkola tourist attraction FInland


This cute little statue is one of my favorite things in Kokkola (in addition to the beautiful old town. It is almost invisible and unnoticeable. It just sits there without worry of life reading under green tree. What would be more idyllic statue for small town like this?

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Memories of Fangirl

Senate Square Helsinki Finland


My favorite tourist attraction in Helsinki is definitely Senate Square. I just have so many good memories from here. Being young and reckless. Taking part to flash mob. Traveling around Finland for the first time without my family. Meeting cool friends for the first time. Living life to the fullest…

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