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Tokyo, Japan

Hello travelers!

Today I have exciting news for you! I have finally booked my next trip after spending too many months (but not according to my friends and family) at home. So where am I going next?

Germany! And to be exact Berlin.

I have been to Berlin before once. It was about three years ago I think. However, there’s a catch. You can’t really count my first trip to Berlin as a real visit because I didn’t go to see any attractions nor did I walk around just to experience the place. Maybe I will someday tell you this travel story from my past in my main travel blog. But for now, let’s just say that I spend in Berlin one night and that night I slept at the airport. During that one day, I was waiting in line for a concert that I later attended to.

That’s it. All I saw was that one building where the concert was held. Kind of sad…

Despite my last visit to Berlin I have always wanted to do a proper trip to the capital of Germany. German was the first language I started to learn in school after Finnish and we had to learn a lot about the culture of Germany. Berlin always seemed like a place where the history of us Europeans but also our future mix together. 

After a few weeks, I will be on my way to explore Berlin solo for five days. How cool is that? Dreams really come true!

With love & wanderlust,
Lost Viivi

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