Restless Soul


Helsinki, Finland

Hello there!

How is your life going? Anything exciting happening for you? I feel like I’m stuck in the boring normal. (Even if my life is far from boring or normal…) I have been at home for a month and even during this month I have done a weekend cruise with family. In three weeks I will go for a road trip around Germany and right after that two months trip to Japan. So boring, right?

But it has nothing to do with my travels or me finally going towards my dreams. I don’t do good with routine and that’s what my life is right now. I woke up at morning, do the job I love, blog for hours, drink too many cups of tea, read books and watch movies. It sounds like a dream life even when I read it but still, something is missing. Something just doesn’t work out. My feet are restless and heart missing new unknown lands.

It’s hard to read my own mind and I just need to leave somewhere, do something I have never done before…

With love,
Viivi Severina

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