Moving street art in Rome

Colorful metro in Rome

Rome, Italy

Hello travelers!

Are you as crazy about street art as I am? Then you can understand how these subways in Italy took me to the seventh heaven. It just looked so cool even if my mum didn’t understand the attachment I had for these fastly moving colors.

It’s extremely embarrassing to take photos or videos on metro if you ask my opinion. Whatever in London, Italy or New York, I just hate it. People are staring me thinking I’m some wannabe vlogger (well, they are not far from the truth…) and it makes me look even more tourist than I would look anyway. And still, I have to do it every time! I’m not kidding. My photo album has at least dozen subway photos from every city I have visited that has subway or train. This Italy photo is just beginning!

With love,
Metro Traveler Viivi

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