I’m easy to please!

Streetart in Krakow

Krakow, Poland

Hello, I hope you are doing fine!

Last year I did adventure around Eastern Europe and Krakow was one of the cities I decided to visit randomly without it even being in my plan. The bus there was cheap and I had loved Poland when being in Gdansk earlier in the same year. I recommend visiting Krakow for everyone but one of my favorite things may sound surprising.

On the old town wall artists we selling their art like you can see in the photo. I would walk along the wall for so many times that the sellers probably thought I was planning a heist to steal their business. Those colorful paintings just looked so cool and dreamy covering the whole wall. Especially, on rainy days. Better than any of the “real tourists attractions”.

Have you odd favorite tourist attractions in cities you have visited? Do you ever dream of covering your own room with paintings/prints like these? (I admit that my decoration skills suck and covering your room walls with colors may not be the best idea…) 

With love,
Really Lost Viivi

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