Art Lover’s Paradise


Tate Modern, London, UK

I’m art lover. I have spoken about this before but I have visited museums since since my childhood. My family used to go to different museums on weekends when my siblings and I were young. Sometimes I hated it, sometimes I loved it. Nowadays I mostly love all museums I visit. Tate Modern was one of the best museums I have been to.

Sometimes people find it funny. Why do you like museums? Art is boring! Young people should be partying and not spending their time in old museums… I don’t even know why I like art and museums so much. Somehow walking between the different pieces of creativity makes me feel happy.

And maybe it has nothing to do with the art there. It may have everything to do with the fact that all these people around me are here for the same purpose. It’s kind of same effect as going to concert has. Mass of people all trying to full their life with something creative. Art, music or whatever being part of that group has always made me happy.

I’m sorry I don’t probably make any sense. This went quickly too deep and I never meant that… I will share new photo tomorrow so see you then and I hope you are having an amazing day!

.      .      .

This blog is dedicated to my amazing travel photos and stories. I will try to share new photo everyday but I have never been one to follow schedules… So follow me for more wanderlust photos!

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