Summer job and Church


This summertime photo is from my first real job as church guide. I spent two summers almost alone hanging around this church in Finnish countryside. I had almost no one visiting but when someone came I told them about the history of this church. I had fun meeting many foreigner travellers and local people.

.      .      .

This blog is dedicated to my amazing travel photos. Everyday I will share one photo and small story how I happened to took it. So follow me for more wanderlust photos!

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4 thoughts on “Summer job and Church

  1. Good Morning. In which church You were as a guide? I have photographed about 440 Finnish churches and mainly on our countryside. This means that it was quite impossible to me recognize this church.

    Happy new week.

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      1. Thank You. Yes, indeed. I photographed Kuru church in 17.06.2007. It was among those first churches, when I started to shoot church photos. Of course, I have some photos from it in my blog.

        Have a nice day.

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