Growing up with art

kiasma colorful museum

I love art. Short sentence telling you a lot about my childhood and the way I was raised. I can’t even recall how young I was when my parents first took me to museum. However I remember that my little brother was still small baby when we took him with us.

So my family has always visited museums. Everything from modern art to those “boring” master pieces from last century. I grew up with art so seeing this art work in museum Kiasma made me go back to my childhood. Interactive art for children to play with their parents. How cool is that?

.      .      .

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2 thoughts on “Growing up with art

  1. You are lucky. My parents never had time for art, because they had to work and work to get bread for themselves and me. This continued also in my life while working. Now when retired I have found art and that is why my blog is full of different art, but mainly art (wood, snow, ice) made by hands.

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    1. Yes, I feel lucky. Many of my friends think that art is always boring old paintings hanging in old museums.

      I’m glad you have found art even if you didn’t have time for it before. Hand made arts are amazing and I specially like things made of ice and sand.

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