Moomins And Finland

moomins helsinki playground

Today I want to talk about Moomins aka Finnish national pride. This photo is from Moomin playground from Helsinki. Like you can see in the photo Moomins are cute creatures and loved by all Finns. I dare to claim that 99% of Finns have watched Moomins (they are most known from cartoon adventures.)

Nowadays specially Asians and Japanese have taken liking for our Moomins. In Japan if I mentioned Finland most people automatically mentioned Moomins for me. It’s fun how so small things can make Finland seen in the world. (Another well known things from Finland are Angry Birds and phone company Nokia.)

.      .      .

This blog is dedicated to my amazing travel photos. Everyday I will share one photo and small story how I happened to took it. So follow me for more wanderlust photos!

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