Autumn Day


This was the sight I saw on so many mornings while in Kyoto. I loved to see the pagoda’s peak. It would wish me good morning glowing in any weather behind the trees and buildings. This day was the first one I felt really like autumn. It had been raining and my sneakers got all muddy and wet.

The autumn weather almost got me to stay in the warm hostel kitchen shipping my millionth cup of tea. However the rain stopped I decided to walk aimlessly in the neighborhood. At that time I hadn’t yet visited the temple itself but just seen the pagoda from afar. It seemed like perfect day to go and see what this place had to offer.

After too many lakes formed after the rain I was standing next to the big building. I was lucky like I had been so many times before on my travels. There was free exhibition about old paintings and myths. I didn’t understand a lot but it was interesting. And the locals wondering what I did here made my gloomy day a little better.

.      .      .

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