Chasing Sunset


We had driven the last six hours to get to our summer cottage in Kalajoki beach. My dad stopped the car as close as possible to the waterfront. There was big campsite between us and the sun setting. Internet told us we only had ten minutes. It was time to run.

Like the photo tells we were just on time. Sun was almost gone but we were able to photograph its last glimpses.

.      .      .

This blog is dedicated to my amazing travel photos. Everyday I will share one photo and small story how I happened to took it. So follow me for more wanderlust photos!

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10 thoughts on “Chasing Sunset

      1. I was trying to check you blog out but by some reason clicking your username only took me to site where isn’t anything yet :O But if you have blog where you have already written something I would be interested to know the address? 🙂


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