I’m easy to please!

Streetart in Krakow

Krakow, Poland

Hello, I hope you are doing fine!

Last year I did adventure around Eastern Europe and Krakow was one of the cities I decided to visit randomly without it even being in my plan. The bus there was cheap and I had loved Poland when being in Gdansk earlier in the same year. I recommend visiting Krakow for everyone but one of my favorite things may sound surprising.

On the old town wall artists we selling their art like you can see in the photo. I would walk along the wall for so many times that the sellers probably thought I was planning a heist to steal their business. Those colorful paintings just looked so cool and dreamy covering the whole wall. Especially, on rainy days. Better than any of the “real tourists attractions”.

Have you odd favorite tourist attractions in cities you have visited? Do you ever dream of covering your own room with paintings/prints like these? (I admit that my decoration skills suck and covering your room walls with colors may not be the best idea…) 

With love,
Really Lost Viivi

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Addicted to writing guides

writing guides

Hello there!

If you are reading my other blogs, you may already know that I’m a huge writing guide addict. In fact, I have over 20 writing guides on my bookshelf and that’s a lot when you take in count that I bought the first guide roughly six months ago. These two books I bought from my recent Helsinki trip. The bookstore in there is a lot bigger when compared to my hometown so I could not pass the opportunity to get these books. Okay!? I don’t have a problem! I will someday read all these books. I promise…

So, am I the only one or has anyone else addiction of buying books? Or maybe buying something else “you totally need to have to make your life better”?

With love,
The Writer Viivi

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Perfect Christmas Gift

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Cruise: Helsinki, Finland – Tallinn, Estonia

It’s only two months till Christmas. Okay, okay, I know that is a long time and I am usually that person who hates people talking about Christmas too early. However, soon will be the time we all have to start thinking about gifts and what to give for our family and friends. I saw this photo on my computer by accident and remembered the gifts from last year.

Last year I had just shared my surprisingly popular travel blog with my family and had finally admitted being a travel addict. My a few years younger little sister also likes traveling. So, what would have been a better gift for her than taking her with me to see Tallinn’s Christmas markets? We took a day cruise to Estonia from Helsinki just before Christmas and did some shopping on those colorful markets.

I have no idea what to give her or to anyone else this year… Fortunately, I am going to New York in December. It seems like a city full of cool gift ideas!

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Blue sky and missing Paris


Paris, France

It’s so odd how quickly time flies. The photo above is from my family’s Paris trip. It was before I even started travel blogging or truly become a traveler. At that time, every trip I made felt so unique and like a dream. I only left Finland about once a year. Everything has changed so quickly. It has been a few years but my life is so different. This year I have traveled to 10 different countries. I have done trip almost every month of the year. Am I just dreaming? Can this even be a real life?

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Piece of Peace


Tokyo, Japan

This photo is from the time I lived a month in Tokyo. It’s important for two reasons. Firstly because this local lady and small girl taught me how to make origami bird. They didn’t talk English, I didn’t speak Japanese. Despite that, the experience was something I won’t forget.

Second reason? The meaning of this bird and the ways I have met it later on in my life. The birds were sent to Hiroshima to be part of this collection of origami birds that present peace and remind us why we should be against atomic bombs. There is whole story behind the origami birds but I won’t talk about it now because I am not as educated on the matter as I would like to be. Later on during my visit to Hiroshima, I saw the beautiful birds where they were meant to be.

My meeting with the birds didn’t stop here. The next year when I had returned back to Finland and was studying business we ended up speaking about the origami birds in one of our courses. Totally random but made me go back to the time that changed a lot for me.

The third time I needed to have a reminder of my time in Japan, I met the beautiful origami birds once again. I was in Budapest and my friend had recommended The Hospital in Rock museum for me. Coincidentally, they had a special exhibition of atomic bombs and the last room was full of those birds delivered straight from Japan.

Who knows when I will meet these birds of peace again. Or maybe someone else gets this same feeling of hope everytime they see the small blue bird I folded with the help of two kind human beings.

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Some People Only See The Mess

Street art Rome Italy

Rome, Italy

Some people only see vandalism when they look at street art. It’s a big mess that makes our streets look cheap and poorly managed. Sometimes graffiti isn’t beautiful. It may be small meaningless text made without any thinking. Or maybe the “vandal” has written it to fit in. But then there is street art that will make our cities shine. Colors, meaning, and real art. I won’t encourage anyone to paint in prohibited places but let’s just say that in my opinion cities without any graffiti art are just boring.

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Waiting for Colosseum


Colosseum, Rome, Italy

See the line? We were waiting there for an about hour before getting in the Colosseum. Fun thing is that we already had tickets so the line we were in was even shorter than the line for those not having tickets. People are crazy. There was this Finnish couple in front of us in the queue so at least we had someone to talk with. All of us agreed that there was surprisingly few Finns in Rome but it was probably because of the unbearable heat. No one had warned the four of us that going to Rome in August would be death for us who have used to under 30°C summers.

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