Colosseum and blue sky

Rome travel photo colosseum

Colosseum, Rome, Italy

Hi there!
How are you?

Did you recognize Colosseum from the photo above? We often only see it from outside and so it was surprising to visit it in Rome. I didn’t know what I was expecting to see but not this. Not only a few people, tourist fences everywhere and worn out rocks that seem to be disappearing in front of our eyes. It’s kind of sad nothing will last forever.

With love,
Sentimental Viivi

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Missing the warm days


Rome, Italy

Hello again!

I have been back at home for too long (like a month) and the cold winter isn’t helping my case. This photo above was taken in our hotel’s breakfast in Rome last year. The weather was above 30C and definitely too hot for us Finns but now I can only miss those warm summer days.

We are traveling to Japan later this year which means I should save some money. The plan is to say for a few months there and maybe continue to South Korea after that. It’s so hard to just stay at home. My fingers have their own mind that takes them to the websites of travel agencies before I even realize. All inclusive holiday deals aren’t even so expensive… A week being pampered in warmth just sounds so perfect right now… Please? Do you have any travel dreams right now like me?

With love,
Suffering Viivi

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The hidden side of Rome

Street art Rome

Rome, Italy


Do you like the photo? Surprised it’s from Rome? I totally was when seeing it.

It was my last day in Rome and I went for a private walking tour. At this point, Rome hadn’t yet charmed me. I could see why people love it as a travel destination: all the historic sites, Vatican and perfect weather. But for me, it was just okay. The historic sites were cool but there was too many of them to see everything. Vatican I loved but again too many things to see and the amount of visitors is overwhelming. Lastly, we were dying because it was so hot.

I had been trying to find Rome from all the wrong places. Surprisingly, I always forget my own tips. Find the local areas and take the hidden roads. Right next to the most popular historic sites my local guide showed me a lively neighborhood with colorful houses, murals and street art. I fell in love with this side of Rome. It was different and it was something I would like to go back for!

Have you ever experienced anything like this while traveling? Or did you have similar feelings if you have ever been in Rome?

With love,
Lost Viivi

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Moving street art in Rome

Colorful metro in Rome

Rome, Italy

Hello travelers!

Are you as crazy about street art as I am? Then you can understand how these subways in Italy took me to the seventh heaven. It just looked so cool even if my mum didn’t understand the attachment I had for these fastly moving colors.

It’s extremely embarrassing to take photos or videos on metro if you ask my opinion. Whatever in London, Italy or New York, I just hate it. People are staring me thinking I’m some wannabe vlogger (well, they are not far from the truth…) and it makes me look even more tourist than I would look anyway. And still, I have to do it every time! I’m not kidding. My photo album has at least dozen subway photos from every city I have visited that has subway or train. This Italy photo is just beginning!

With love,
Metro Traveler Viivi

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First time glacier trip

Iceland glacier travel

Glacier hike, Iceland

Hello adventurers!

Have you ever been to Iceland? This cold and snowy wonderland truly charmed me when I traveled there with my friend last autumn. I live in Finland so snow, ice and cold, in general, are familiar to me and so I was thinking that the trip to this northern country wouldn’t be anything new for me. Iceland trip has been my dream for years but it still always felt like just a smaller version of Finland.

Oh, how wrong I was…

We took part to tour around the south coast of Iceland and our trip ended to glacier hike. I have never seen a glacier and it was magical. The history and nature around it sound so interesting even if most of those things I could still remember from my primary school times. We don’t have glaciers in Finland but we have remains of them everywhere. I have lived my whole life only a few kilometers from one of them and so seeing the real glacier for the first time was an eye-opening experience.

With love,
Wide Eyed Viivi

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I’m easy to please!

Streetart in Krakow

Krakow, Poland

Hello, I hope you are doing fine!

Last year I did adventure around Eastern Europe and Krakow was one of the cities I decided to visit randomly without it even being in my plan. The bus there was cheap and I had loved Poland when being in Gdansk earlier in the same year. I recommend visiting Krakow for everyone but one of my favorite things may sound surprising.

On the old town wall artists we selling their art like you can see in the photo. I would walk along the wall for so many times that the sellers probably thought I was planning a heist to steal their business. Those colorful paintings just looked so cool and dreamy covering the whole wall. Especially, on rainy days. Better than any of the “real tourists attractions”.

Have you odd favorite tourist attractions in cities you have visited? Do you ever dream of covering your own room with paintings/prints like these? (I admit that my decoration skills suck and covering your room walls with colors may not be the best idea…) 

With love,
Really Lost Viivi

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Addicted to writing guides

writing guides

Hello there!

If you are reading my other blogs, you may already know that I’m a huge writing guide addict. In fact, I have over 20 writing guides on my bookshelf and that’s a lot when you take in count that I bought the first guide roughly six months ago. These two books I bought from my recent Helsinki trip. The bookstore in there is a lot bigger when compared to my hometown so I could not pass the opportunity to get these books. Okay!? I don’t have a problem! I will someday read all these books. I promise…

So, am I the only one or has anyone else addiction of buying books? Or maybe buying something else “you totally need to have to make your life better”?

With love,
The Writer Viivi

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Perfect Christmas Gift

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Cruise: Helsinki, Finland – Tallinn, Estonia

It’s only two months till Christmas. Okay, okay, I know that is a long time and I am usually that person who hates people talking about Christmas too early. However, soon will be the time we all have to start thinking about gifts and what to give for our family and friends. I saw this photo on my computer by accident and remembered the gifts from last year.

Last year I had just shared my surprisingly popular travel blog with my family and had finally admitted being a travel addict. My a few years younger little sister also likes traveling. So, what would have been a better gift for her than taking her with me to see Tallinn’s Christmas markets? We took a day cruise to Estonia from Helsinki just before Christmas and did some shopping on those colorful markets.

I have no idea what to give her or to anyone else this year… Fortunately, I am going to New York in December. It seems like a city full of cool gift ideas!

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Blue sky and missing Paris


Paris, France

It’s so odd how quickly time flies. The photo above is from my family’s Paris trip. It was before I even started travel blogging or truly become a traveler. At that time, every trip I made felt so unique and like a dream. I only left Finland about once a year. Everything has changed so quickly. It has been a few years but my life is so different. This year I have traveled to 10 different countries. I have done trip almost every month of the year. Am I just dreaming? Can this even be a real life?

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